Thursday, December 23, 2010

Home, sweet home

We left Steamboat this morning, around 9:30 or so, and headed back. I had Delaney and Kendall with me since both of them wanted to get home. Delaney wanted to see his cat, and Kendall wanted to get back as well. Kyle and Tia wanted to ski Copper mountain, so they headed that way, and we headed home.

It's a long drive, and fairly uninteresting getting from Steamboat to Silverthorne. Both kids were iBusy, with the iPad and iPhone as I went over the pass, but soon realized that wasn't a great idea. I asked for the iPhone back so I could do a little MCM studying, and the kids were fine, both of them laying down and trying to get over some car-sickness. We stopped in Kremmling, catching Tia and Kyle for a minute at a gas station. I fueled up on coffee and then headed down the road.

The downloaded lectures are teaching me more than a few things that I didn't know about SQL Server, and forcing me to remember some things I'd forgotten. It's a good feeling to be driving in a direction, even if it's semi-serious. I don't really want to dive in and pass the exam right now, or at least, not pass the lab. My skills would atrophy, and I have too many other things to learn. However it's a nice way to pass the time.

To keep the kids from getting bored, I used headphones. The first time I saw a high five from Delaney, I had to pause the recording, fumbling a bit with the iPhone to get it paused, pulled out the headphones, only to be told he just wanted a high-five. I learned the next time to give it to him without pausing anything.

The kids were at each other a little this morning, complaining about the other one as we got up, but as we were driving, they started to watch some DVDs together when I stopped for gas in Georgetown. It was nice to see them working together to arrange the seat (leaned back), and the DVD player (angled behind me) so they both could watch, and giggle a bit at their movie.

As we got into Parker, just before I went to get us some lunch, I paused my recording. Delaney asked me why (since we had another 10 minutes or so to Subway) and I said that I got lost thinking about something else. I realized that I had missed something.

"A squirrel moment" (from UP) was what Delaney told me.

It sure was.

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