Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Elizabeth Christmas Parade

Only Kendall and I went to brave the cold for the annual Elizabeth, CO Christmas Parade. It seems that no matter when they schedule it, Friday night, Saturday afternoon, early, late, it’s always cold. In fact, it felt like one of the coldest days of the year.

Kendall was bundled up, and it got colder as the day progressed. We were only there about 2 hours, but it felt like it was 25F when we finished, even though someone had a thermometer that read 39F.

The parade is funny, about a 2 block walk of a police car, fire engine, and a bunch of local groups. Church groups doing the birth of Jesus, a dance studio, and usually scouts. No Cub or Boy Scouts this year, just the Girl Scouts.

It wasn’t always that cold. Here Kendall was having fun with another girl, and not as bundled up as she was later. We helped out with the toy donations, bringing them from the previous night’s sleepover to the parade.

There was one cool sled pulled by a few dogs. Kendall asked if we could do this with our dogs next year. Might be a fun project, though I suspect it would be chaos trying to get our two dogs to run in the same direction.

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