Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Breaking Stuff

My Nano died last week on vacation (sad face). I was using it for running since the iPhone is a version back on the OS and it won’t connect with the Nike+ sensor. I am hesitant to upgrade, but I might end up doing that.

Then this week I broke my bluetooth headset. It was already semi-broken when Tia gave it to me, but I’ve managed to be careful when removing it from the charger so the case doesn’t fall apart. However it appears that the ear loops don’t work well, and they break. So I ordered a new one to replace this one since that headset makes me more productive when I’m moving around and the others I have are too old, with crappy quality, so they don’t work well in the car.

Then I’ve had computer problems. My Twitter client broke on the desktop yesterday and Livemeeting today. Both have impacted my routine, and that’s annoying. Especially when trying to catch up after vacation.


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