Friday, December 31, 2010

Stuck Inside

I guess I wasn't stuck inside, but it was 5F today. I went out to re-load the trash (@#$%@$@# trash guys) since we were too late yesterday and I had to bring it in. My fingers were frozen in a few minutes of lifting stuff into the back of the truck.

There wasn't a lot of snow, but a couple of inches on the ground mean that it won't be fun, and my shoes would get wet outside. So for the third day in a row, after 3 outside, I was back on the treadmill. I don't mind it, especially now that I've started a longer series on DVD to watch.

So I close out my second full year, calendar year, of running. Day 842 today. It felt great, I feel healthy, strong, and felt great. Tomorrow will probably be inside as well to start the new year off.

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