Friday, December 31, 2010

Book #76 - Mech

51RgOgKqpDL._SX105_This was an interesting science fiction story. An alien race comes back to their solar system to find that their planet is gone, but the neighboring one has been settled by humans. It’s really only one alien in a ship, but the alien can breed all sorts of other aliens and sets about on a plan to reclaim this planet.

Mech is a mechanical human, mostly machine, but with a brain from a real human. A criminal, but wiped and used for military purposes. They’re expensive and they aren’t many of them. They actually only play a small role in the story as different factions of humans have to unite to fight the aliens, so I’m not sure why the book is called Mech.

This was a nice read, however, since it presents a more realistic view of how we will evolve. There are still governments, corruptions, smugglers, good and bad people, and many of the failings that we humans have today. Advancing our technology won’t fix this, and the book seems to display that.

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