Monday, December 6, 2010


I’m about to go down one laptop, which is good. I have had too many for some time. Right now I’ve got:

  • Dell 17” Inspiron which is in need of retirement. This is about 8 years old, the wireless radio is whacked, and my son has filled the 30GB HDD.
  • HP Netbook – Essentially my wife’s now as she uses it to blog. Too slow for me.
  • Toshiba Qosmio F45 – Been dead for awhile with a CMOS issue. However after 6 months perhaps it’s dead enough I can restart it and give it to a kid
  • Lenovo W510 – My primary machine, about to lose the DVD drive and get an SSD as a second drive.
  • Acer 1420P – PDC laptop, which I just sold and need to clean up.
  • iPad – Testing/demo’ing SQL Monitor from Red Gate. My second travel machine when my little girl doesn’t have ahold of it.

That’s a lot of hardware, in addition to a quad core, 8GB desktop. So I’ll go down a machine, and maybe two if I can get the Toshiba working and send it to my son. Someone else can make do with the Dell.

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