Thursday, July 1, 2010

Book #49 - Containment

A short book, Containment was on sale from Amazon for $0.99, so I bought it. And I loved it, one of those “Shutter Island” or “Sixth Sense”  twists in the book.

We open on Venus, with a closed environment and one of the citizens waking up after an accident with some of his memory gone. He finds his wife pregnant. That should be a good thing, but it’s not. Their entire habitat is built to support 1000 people. They have 1000 and the baby would be 1001. With a delicate balance of oxygen and resources, our hero set to work on a way to somehow get artificial photosynthesis to work.

We find out about the habitat, supposedly built when Earth was having population issues. A certain number of people were sent over, and then somewhat forgotten. They rarely get supplies from Earth, and after some years had a set of children. The kids all great up together, learning to work with computers and being groomed to take over jobs inside the habitat when they graduated.

It’s a fascinating look at how a society in a closed system might evolve. It’s great writing and drew me right in.

As the book advances, there is a great twist later, and it’s one worth reading to find out. I’d love to see another book from this author and hope he gets one done.

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