Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Feel Like a Quitter

Not a complete quitter, but I did step out last night in karate for the last exercises. The teacher last night did a lot of forms and my ankle was sore. I shortened up a bunch of moves, went slower, and struggled through. I probably should have stepped out of the form line earlier, but I kept thinking “one more form”, “I can do one more”.

At the end she wanted to do 4 minute of cardio exercise, with a lot of sideways jumping movements and I just moved off. I did some abs while waiting and then tried to join in the push ups/abs with them, but struggled and stopped abs at one point and sat there to catch my breath, and then paused during push ups, just holding the up position.

Unthinkable! At least in my experience, I’ve pushed through to the limits, expecting to push through. I guess my limits are lower now, and my ankle was just hurting. I also felt slightly weaker and don’t think I ate enough before the class.

Delaney was with me and I felt bad for stepping out with him in there, but I didn’t want to hurt myself anymore. I iced the ankle last night and it felt better today. Much less swollen than last night when it was aching.

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