Sunday, July 11, 2010

All to Herself

Kendall and I dropped Delaney off at a Scout meeting point and he headed off for a 5 day canoe trip down the Colorado river by himself. Then we went down to Greenland, just north of the Springs, to watch Tia in a trail competition.

Actually we watched her get setup and start, and then took off. We were hungry, it was hot, and the competition was an 8 mile loop, expected to take 2 hours. Waiting around wouldn’t have been fun, so we went and ate lunch, then headed home. Glad we didn’t as there was some thunder and hail and the race took longer than expected.

I was beat, and wanted to rest, but Kendall wanted to do something. She asked me what I’d want to do and I mentioned the batting cage, so she said that was fine. We could go to Blockbuster for her and then hit the cage. We did, and she fed tokens in as I swung. Did better than last time, and had some success throwing my hands at the ball. Seemed to give me some opposite field hits, so I might have to try that today.

Kendall wanted to play a bit, so I tossed balls to her and she hit them. That was cool for me, and I need to make some time to do that today. I’ve love it if my little girl would play softball. We’ll see how that goes and maybe I can convince her to play in the spring.

We also stopped by the Family Fun Center next door “just to look” according to Kendall. We ended up playing some air hockey, splitting games, and laughing a bunch. She played a couple games and rode the spinner that I had no interest in getting on. A good afternoon, and we then came home to cook dinner and relax.

While we were out, Kendall told me she was glad she had the parents all to herself with Delaney hone and Kyle doing his own thing. That was neat. We all watched some TV last night, but the parents fell asleep, so Kendall got to sleep with us. I’m sure she’s happy about that.