Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Taking Stock

It has been a rough couple of weeks for me. Two weeks ago I went on a long run and near the end rolled my right ankle slightly. I collapsed the knee quickly and it was a slight turn, but it was sore the next morning, and slightly swollen.

Since then, I went to Las Vegas and hiked a couple miles up on some Red Rocks, played baseball this weekend, and continued to run, albeit lightly. I’ve also had a couple karate classes, and as of today, I have:

  • sore right ankle
  • bruised right knee cap
  • sore right knee
  • tight left lower back
  • bruised right shoulder blade

I was actually feeling pretty good until the last few days. My ankle has been on and off sore for a few weeks, but I have easy run days and it does fine. Slowly heals. The back is tight at times, but I think it’s a combination of sleeping poorly some nights and I need a new desk chair. The right knee is better, finally, after I tried to imitate a bird at Breckenridge over New Years this year. I’ve played baseball and done karate a few times in the last month without my brace and it’s been good.

Sunday I had a guy fall on me diving to get a ball. That tightened my back more and bruised my shoulder blade. His elbow was in the blade and it wiggled around as he tried to get up. A total accident, and he’s a friend, but it didn’t help. The pitcher threw over again and I jumped back but landed on my knees, like an idiot. Must have been a rock down sicne I bruised the kneecap slightly. The next inning I was backing up 2nd base on a short pop-up to right. The second baseman dropped the ball and I lurched to the side to try and grab it, rolling the ankle again.

Despite that, I felt pretty good other than the ankle for karate last night and went too hard. My punches were popping and I worked up a good sweat, but I managed to work the ankle a bit much and it’s sore again today. That and some of the stretches annoyed my bruised kneecap.

Feeling old this week, taking it easy on runs.

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