Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Like Libraries

Today when I dropped off Kendall at volleyball camp and then was a little out of sorts. I had a 10:00 conference call so I couldn’t go home and make it back. I could have gone to Starbucks again, but I’d then be leaving again soon, and I didn’t have any wi-fi there.

I decided to go down to the Elizabeth library and see if they weren’t open. I didn’t have a lot of confidence that they opened at 9am, but when I walked up to the door, I saw people inside. So I grabbed my laptop and wandered in. To my surprise, they also had fee wi-fi and I was able to connect and get some work done. I sat in a comfy easy chair in the window, with this view of downtown Elizabeth.


I have to say that I liked sitting there, surrounded by books, listening to the friendly librarians read stories to a group of younger kids in there for the summer. I didn’t get as much done, but I did leave with a good feeling to go take my conference call.

I told Kendall I’d gone there to work and she wanted to go back. So we did, wandering around and looking at some books. Kendall wanted to get a book, so I had her get a library card application and when we went to sign up, the librarian asked if Kendall wanted it in her name. She did, so she got her own library card. She got a book, and I snuck one on her account as well.

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