Sunday, July 4, 2010


A slow start to the day, laying around early, trying on clothes. Tia and I leave for Las Vegas tomorrow with some friends, who apparently want to go out. So they have us booked for some fancy dinner and show, jackets required.


I do not like jackets, but Tia wants to go, so I spent a bunch of time this morning trying on shirts and pants and jackets, seeing what would fit, trying to come up with something that looks good. I found that there are 2 or 3 pairs of pants that I can still wear, so I grabbed one, along with a navy jacket and a couple of shirts. Now I need some collar stays and a good ironing tonight to get ready.

That being done, I decided to run. Delaney was asking if he could treadmill today, so I decided to let him and hit a long run. He wasn’t ready anyway, and I was, so I headed out down the road, Nike + and iMapMyRun app, both on separate devices, cruising down the road. Both came in close on the mapping, and I spent 30+ minutes doing a 3.5+ mile run. Yeah.

I was tempted to go lay down, and even more tempted when it start to sprinkle, but we’ve been talking about the play area for months, and Tia started yesterday. So I decided to put in an hour or so and cleaned out most of it. Weeds removed, and it needs a good spraying, but my back was getting sore and tired, so I stopped.

And fired up the tractor. Tia asked if I could try and scrape down her corners of the arena of weeds, so I spent 20 minutes driving around, trying to clear things out. It looks better, but not nearly as good as a box blade with teeth would do. Still you do what you can do, and I was trying to scrape things, but not dig down too deep into dirt.

Now I’m done. Or I feel done. Tired, sore, ready for a break.

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