Sunday, July 25, 2010

Catching Up on Chores

After I got home, it was too early to sit around. Everyone was gone except Delaney, so I decided to go out and get a few things done that have been haunting me a bit. I grabbed the weed whacker and changed the blades on it, adding some gas and getting it to start. I grabbed a shovel, some gloves, added air to the mower, and took off down the driveway. It was probably quite a sight with me balancing things as I drove down and cut some grass, but no one was there to see it.

I cut down some of the grass on the west side of the driveway first, mostly because it just annoys me to see it so tall. I got that done and then went for my main chore: burying the wire from the gate opened to the motors. It’s been exposed for a year, and it got cut by the mower last month, so I decided to bury it. I dug down about 3-4” in a trench about 20ft from the opener to the gate, slipped in the wire, and then buried it. It wasn’t that hard, but it took time, and in the afternoon sun I was moving slow. I’m glad that’s done and I just need to secure it better to the post.

Next it was weed whacking time, trying to knock down some of the growth around the front. I got most of the inside done when I realized that 1 of my 3 blades had broken. So I moved outside, trying to get the ditch. I got a little done when another blade snapped. So I tried to clean up near the outside post, but it wasn’t long before my last blade broke. They’re cheap, but apparently not that durable. A new chore for tomorrow.

Lastly I headed back, balancing my stuff on my lap as I cut the grass along the driveway. One mower width on the way back doesn’t do much, but it’s a little bit. The wind was blowing, so I had grass all over me when I got back. I decided to spent another 20 minutes cutting back away from the house, trying to get more done since the kids are moving slowly on cutting as a way to earn money. I ended up making good progress, and was glad to stop.

Time for me.

I cranked up the lathe and rounded out the teak pieces that I have on there. I had been meaning to get to it, but hadn’t been making time, and being all grimy, dirty, and with everyone still gone, I went out there and rounded the two square pieces. It’s a surprisingly satisfying chore. I was beat at that point, so I knocked off and went in search of beer and BBQ.

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