Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Two Days is a lot

I was exhausted last night. Too exhausted to survive the second night of a dinner and a show. I should have taken a nap yesterday after two late nights/early mornings along with running. We went to see “Ka” last night, a Cirque Soleil show and I fell asleep during most of it. I was exhausted to begin with, two cups of coffee not helping, and the idea of lots of dancing, music I’m unfamiliar with, and no story to follow disengaged me.

IT seemed everyone else enjoyed it to various degrees, some loving it, but it’s not for me. Cirque Soleil is not for me.

We’d started the day by getting up at 5:30 (Tia ) and 5:50 (me) for a hike. We had booked it with Hike This and I wasn’t sure what to expect. It turned out to be fantastic and the highlight of the trip. We drove out North of town to a BLM land area and parked the guy’s van. He loaded each of us up with a small backpack, water, sunscreen, lip balm, a cloth, and we headed out into the hills. I was thinking it would be a light hike, but it turned into more.

We went up on sandstone and had to use 3 and 4 pt contact, hands, in a number of places to work our way up. Close to two hours later we had summit’d a small peak in the area, with a fantastic view of Las Vegas in the distance. Quiet, calm, and a nice breeze kept us cool as we snacked on apples, cheese, and granola.

We headed down, a slightly different way that was, I thought, harder. Some tricky descents and a few that were hard for people shorter than me. I think it would have been quiet a challenge for me if I were a few inches shorter.

It was beautiful, and full of laughs with Tia racing different people, everyone joking, and even our guide telling us everything was 10 minutes away. A great time, and a great job. Our guide is booked up all the time, doing two hikes in the cooler months, and charging close to $100 a person. That’s the way to retire at 50.

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