Monday, July 26, 2010

Book #54 - The Spy

63696879[1] I picked this actual physical book up at the library when my daughter was there since it was a Cussler, without reading the description. Once I got it home and found it was set in 1908, I wasn’t sure I’d like The Spy, but plunged in. I actually really enjoyed it, and found the pace to quicken near the end, as most really enjoyable thrillers do, and struggled to put it down.

I haven’t read any of the Isaac Bell series, but I’ll be looking for more after this. Isaac is a private detective at the turn of the century, when the law is just as likely to support criminals (because of bribes) as citizens. There is no national police service yet, and the Van Dorn detective agency is working with the government and banks to stop robbers. Isaac is the premier detective, drawn into an apparent spy case as researchers working on the new dreadnaught battleships are being killed. Isaac sees this as important and sets to work.

The book alternates between following Isaac as he investigates, and following the various subcontracted spies as well as the mastermind leading them along. It’s got a healthy does of historical ideas in it, as the US approaches WWI, with the British, German, and Japanese factions potentially working against the US.

I’m not usually one to historical based fiction, but I have to say this one drew me in and I enjoyed it. If you like the other Cussler spin-offs, I think you’ll like this one as well.

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