Saturday, July 17, 2010

Still Tired

It’s been a long day today. I wasn’t up early, but karate, then getting the mower ready to go again, then fencing. And a run in there somewhere.

The mower blade is loose, so I took it off and found that since it got lose it had worn away the star shaped holder. Yet another thing to replace. I got it tight again, and cut some along the driveway, but this is likely to be an every other day check until it’s replaced. I also fixed the wire from the push button to the gate which got whacked the other day when I was testing the mower.

Then I knocked out a quick 2 miles, 20 minutes, going down the road under threat of rain. I saw lightening, but no rain to speak of. So then it was time to do some fencing. I loaded things up in the tractor and headed to the west pasture. Tia joined me and we unloaded everything at the west end.

Then realized that the roll was set to work on the other end, so we loaded back up in the tractor, drove to the East side, and started to attach this new 4ft fencing to the t-posts out there. At first it seemed to be really difficult to get the clips on and we were wondering if pliers were the right tool. Then I started to put them on from the other side, hooking the short end first. That went quickly, and we managed to get 330’ of fencing put up to cover the barbed wire.

Unfortunately we needed about 450’ ft. A bad guesstimate, so it’s mostly done, but not all the way done. More wire to be ordered, and in the meantime we can work on getting the middle posts up to create a second track out there. We’ll need some t-posts as well, so we won’t get that done quickly, but we’ll get it started.

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