Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Running in the Desert

I had planned on just working in treadmill jogs around our activities in Vegas, but at $25 a day for the fitness center I decided not to. So I ended up trying to figure out where to run.

The first day, around 3:30, I decided to try going down Las Vegas Blvd thinking it would be like London and I could get down the street. No way, only slightly less busy than at night and too hard to move. I finally ended up on Flamingo, near the hotel with this name and went about .5mi down it with little foot traffic.

So that became my route, from the Bellagio, down Flamingo, then turning behind Planet Hollywood down to the next block, about a mile out, mile back.

And warm. Glad I was drinking water before hand. 20 minutes in 105F weather is rough and I always came back very thirsty.

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