Saturday, July 17, 2010

All By Myself

Kendall had a birthday party this morning and was going to be picked up at 8:30am. 8:30! A! M! for a birthday party? It wasn’t that bad, as it’s really a 10:00am Chuck E Cheese party, but Kendall wanted to ride with the neighbors and they said it was fine last night. While Tia and Delaney went to a movie, I put Kendall to bed, telling her that she needed to be up early. We set her alarm for 7:45, and I went to lay down, dreading the need to get up myself before 8.
I did wake up before 8, thanks to Kendall waking me up. I had been waking up since 5, and dreading having to get up, and had drifted asleep again finally when Kendall shook me. She was dressed, and explained to me that she had woken up at 7:30, then gotten up and put on pants, a new shirt, socks, and had her shoes (she showed me each item) and then told me she’d been downstairs and had a bowl of cereal. It was 7:55, so what should she do?
Tia told her to watch some TV and relax until the neighbors came. Not sure what happened after that since I went back to sleep.
That little girl, or maybe not so little at 9, is growing up.

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