Thursday, July 8, 2010


Three days in Vegas, but now we’re back. We decided to stay an extra night, going out to dinner and then some gambling last night with friends. Stayed out late, too late in fact, and struggled to get up and make an 8am flight home. Glad that I didn’t drink any alcohol besides two beers at dinner.

I did play my first few hands of professional casino blackjack last night. I watched Tia play some craps and turn $80 into $23 or so fairly quickly. She was up and down across a few people rolling, but when a couple people crapped out, you could feel the energy run out of the table. She was up a bunch then and we should have walked away, but she was having fun. I think I had figured out a bit of how the game worked, but too many calculations for me to bother with.

She convinced me to try 21 and gave me her chips. Somewhat reluctantly I sat down, placed a bet and won. Cool, but I then lost a few. Tia sat down and I have her $35, all I had, and she started to win as I lost. I was down to $3, trying to decide what to do when Tia gave me $20 of her chips.

We did well then, with a friend between us, all of us going up. We walked away at 1:30 or so, with $240 after tipping the dealer. A good night, and a good way to end.

The flight was hard this morning, both of us tired, but it’s great to be home, and glad we stayed another night.

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