Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Slack Traveler

I realized over the weekend that I hadn’t booked a hotel for my SQL Saturday #28 trip to Baton Rouge. This was one I can’t miss since I’m doing 2 sessions and the keynote. I remembered today, and called the Cook Hotel, a beautiful place on the LSU campus where I stayed last year.

Nothing available but suites. Tempting but at $299 I’m not sure my boss would like that. The reserved rate was $99, and the difference is probably the cost of my trip to Kansas City later this year. So I started to look around on Expedia and found a Marriot not too far away to book.

I’m traveling a bit more these days, more like 10 times a year, and in doing so, I’ve gotten a bit slack. I went to New Orleans without knowing my hotel reservation, and I haven’t been traveling with printouts or directions. I’m relying on the iPhone, which is OK, but I probably should keep a backup somewhere since you never know if service will go out or batteries will die.

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