Friday, July 9, 2010

Book #51 - Deadman’s Poker

14495896[1] I’ve read Deadman’s Poker before, but when in Vegas, pick up something fun. I think I read it last year, but it’s fun, and the characters are great. Especially Rufus, the grifter that is making outrageous proposition bets throughout the book. If you want to laugh at a book, this is one to pick up.

Tony Valentine is back, once again catching casino cheaters. This time he gets involved with his son, who’s childhood friend is killed over a scam he developed. Gerry wants Tony involved, and when Bill Higgins from Las Vegas calls, he agrees.

The book is interesting as we have Tony growing, becoming close to, and more understanding of his son. At the same time, Gerry grows up, we have lots of scenes with him as he matures and starts to understand his dad. The way that they learn about each other, separately in different scenes, is well written. Maybe a little predictable, but still it feels good.

One warning, this book doesn’t complete the story. It ends with one of Rufus’ crazy bets that he wins, but the story moves on in Deadman’s Bluff, the next book in this series, so be prepared to wonder what’s going on at the end and ready to buy the next book.

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