Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another Step Forward

Unlike the crazy conveyor belt in Wipeout tonight, which was knocking people backwards, Delaney made progress today towards his First Class rank at Scouts. I kicked him off the XBOX this afternoon and started him on some Scouting stuff. My push is to just get him going on something each week, just one push. He's pretty good once you get him going, and tonight he was working on his first aid requirements.

He had to bandage up a few wounds and sprained ankle, and he practiced on me. I got my ankle wrapped, my head, a sling on my arm, and a few other items. I worked through it with him and he practiced a few times. When we got to Scouts it was hectic, but with some prodding he went through the items with another Scout. They got interrupted, but I played victim again after the meeting and he managed to get a sign off.

He's down to 2 short first aid items that I didn't let him finish as it was late and I was being eaten by mosquitoes. We'll knock those off next time, and then he has to identify 10 Colorado plants and he's down to a few conferences with leaders.

First Class here we come.

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