Thursday, April 30, 2009

Another Short Day

It's looking like another short day of work today. I woke up, tired, but OK and then got kids ready, and drove Delaney to school. As I was driving away, not sure why, but my neck started to ache. It's the same pinched nerve thing that I've never found any help for, other than my special pillow.

It hurt all day, even while swallowing at Kendall's lunch, and finally I laid down around 1:30, trying to do a little work. I got up at 2:45, eyes tired, thinking I needed to finish a couple things and call it a day. So I did a quick run, struggling through 14 minutes on the treadmill, then picked up kids, and back to bed.

It's probably pretty comical looking. I'm lying down, laptop keyboard on me chest, vertical, and the screen horizontal above me so I can see it, flipping through most things one handed. Not a lot of fun and it slows me down, but I can get a few things done. And I'll probably be fine tomorrow.

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