Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Muddy Mess

Our property is a mess. When I got up this morning I saw that the sun was already doing a job on the snow. Places on the driveway looked really low, so I went out with the truck to try and get out. I made it out, though it was slippery, and headed down to the local gas station to see how the roads looked. Once you left out our cul de sac, the roads were fine. Most had no snow, and were dry, like it had snowed days ago, not 24 hours ago.

I came back, and as I made it down our street and driveway, I could see places where the snow was still a foot or so high, rubbing on the transaxle of the truck.

So I fired up the tractor and went plowing. It was slower going when I thought, with the tractor slipping in places and I had to slow down and push a bunch of snow off to the sides. Eventually I got it pretty low, and went up and down our street a couple times as well. I like to get as much snow pushed off the gravel as I can since it's less to melt and erode.

When we left it was a little slippery, but it was also 50F, and I thought it would melt and evaporate quickly. Kyle drove the Prius home, and it must have done well because when I got back with the truck, the Prius was at the house, and the driveway was even dry in places.

I'm betting by Tues most of the snow will be gone from everywhere.

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