Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bob the Dog

Either Tia or I usually lay with Kendall in her bed for a few songs on her iPod until she falls asleep. Last night she was excited from piano, having just shown me a few things she learned, and was restless. As I lay next to her, so first pulled the collar off Bob, her big stuffed dog, deciding to use him as a pillow, then realizing he’s not that comfortable to lay on (too big) , so she put the collar on.

However she didn’t say he was uncomfortable. She told me that she needed to put the collar back on Bob because he runs away at night. Apparently he runs to her imaginary friend’s house (her words) and plays. It’s day at the imaginary house while it’s night here, and they have to drive him back. They just know his name is Bob, not Jade (as the collar says), and he always goes there, but it’s good that he has a collar.

Apparently the escapades of our real dog, Deuce, are wearing off on her. He runs away, and that somehow gets back to our imaginary stories.

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