Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Unusuals

IT seemed that so many shows I love are ending this year. Friday Night Lights finished their season in Jan on DirecTV and went to reruns on regular TV. ER recently had their final episode, and it was the best one I think they ever had. Scrubs ends soon. Tia and I have been searching for other stuff to watch, and I started a few new shows recently.

The Unusual's is one show that had a great set of trailers, and so I set it to record on the TiVo. Tia and I tried to watch the first episode, but fell asleep a few times. Finally I had some time last week and get through the pilot and the 2nd episode.

I think it's great, partially Hill Street Blues, partially a comedy, partially a Law and Order show.

I watched the third episode last night and it was another great one. I expect another great one tonight as they move the show to Wednesdays. Looking forward to it.

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