Monday, April 6, 2009

Modifying the Routine

Tonight Delaney banged his hand on the counter and cut the back of it up. He was really worried, but it wasn't that bad. There were just a couple small gouges in his hand. So I taped him up and we went to karate.

He ended up working with the teacher tonight in the adult class. With band-aids and tape on his hand, he only wore one glove. He modified his routine, and ended up doing the punching with only one hand.

Afterwards he was proud of himself. He worked through the irritation of his hand, getting a good workout in. I think he felt good about being pushed a bit.

I had a good workout, but was gassed a bit. I ran at 5pm tonight, and even though I didn't run that far, I felt tired when we got to karate. The wrist was still sore and even though I wrapped it, it hurt a touch at times. Definitely need to take it easier in class.

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