Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A New Door

The garage door guys were supposed to come today and install new doors for us. We didn't quite find one that matched well for the big door, so we went ahead and replaced both for a couple hundred more than replacing the big door from Home Depot.

I am very much disappointed with Home Depot on this one.

We had chosen a nice door, a high R value one, originally for both doors, running about $2400. I wanted more insulation, but the guy called last week the day after we'd talked and said that door was backordered for about 3 weeks. He had some less insulated ones, R-8 v R-16, that he could do this week, and I said just do it. Dropped the price down to $1900 and change as well.

I hadn't heard from him since last Tue or Wed, so I was curious to see if he'd show up. My experience with people doing home improvements has been hit and miss and I wouldn't have been surprised if he didn't come or call, and then call tomorrow.

Instead, while I was on a call this morning, he called and said there was an issue. Apparently the guys doing the fabricating of the doors here (adding Windows), made a mistake and gave away two of the panels (there are 4 or 5 in a door) yesterday and he can't get more until the 9th. Did I want to get just the big door today or wait.

Since we have no covenant, and the big door isn't doing well, I said just do the big one today. No complaints, no excuses, he said he'd be over in a few hours. I worked a bit more, then went running in the basement, then showered, and when I went to get lunch, they were outside. The old door was out, the track down, and they were scraping away the caulk. I was gone 15-20 minutes, I come back and the new door is up, the track getting screwed down.

Pretty cool. I have to say that in the Denver area, I'd highly recommend Mike and Pro Garage Solutions. He's a local firefighter that runs the business on the side with his sons and he did an outstanding job, both in the quality of the job and the customer relations.

So we have one door replaced. It looks good, rolls smooth, meets the door frame well, and seems just to be a better quality job than we had.

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