Friday, April 17, 2009

Snowing Again!

When we got up this morning it had snowed, maybe 3-4", and Kyle wanted a ride. So Kendall and I drove him to school, it was slushy and a mess in our county, but not too bad by the time we got to Kyle's school. By the time we got through with errands and headed home, the roads weren't bad at all and we made it home in 2WD all the way.

Tia called, and so we went to go meet her for lunch, and it was fairly clear. The roads after we got off the cul de sac were clear, snow on the sides of the road, easy driving. The kids were thrilled to see Tia, and we had a nice lunch.

Delaney was happy to get time with Mom

After 2o minutes with Mom, Kendall was happy to come sit with Dad.

On the way home, it had started raining, which turned to slush and snow. By the time that I got to our neighborhood, in the 911, it was coming down and a good inch on the ground of wet slushy snow. I slipped and slid, but made it to the garage.

I had Delaney clean the sidewalk for the UPS guy this morning, and I ran over it when we got home, it has already started accumulating again. And here's the view from the front steps.

I think we're in for the night. That driveway above was completely white when we left this morning.

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