Monday, April 20, 2009

Pens and More

I got a catalog from Penn State Industries last week in the mail and over the weekend, with the snow, I opened it up and glanced through it. I tend to get 4-6 of these a year, which might be a lot, or feels like a lot, but this time they hooked me.

There were some specials in the back, if I bought some pen kids they'd give me a few things to make the pens. I've never made anything other than a 7mm pen, not really wanting to invest in more barrel trimmers and bits to make larger ones, but this time the special got me.

So I ordered today about $67 worth of stuff, going above the $59 limit to get free shipping. A few pen kids, some sandpaper, and a magnifying glass kit. If I can get those made, I might go for the peppermill next month.

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