Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Beat Up

I was feeling sore today, had a good 2 mile run, and then went to karate, thinking that since Kendall had tutoring tonight, we should go tonight and take tomorrow off. I did OK, but it was a slow class, slow self-defense, and my back tightened up more and then all the up and down didn't help my elbow. I must have hit it the other night because it's slightly sore when I full extend it. I managed to go slower and not push too hard, but it's still sore.

Afterwards I talked for awhile with the lady that is teaching in Shihan's absence. This is her first karate school and I think she's a little put off by the lack of intensity, especially after looking at some shows on TV. So we talked a bit about some things we think were lacking in the school. I lost track of time, and our kids were playing. When I finally got in the car, it was 9:30, yikes!

I apologized to Kendall, and I feel bad because she's going to be tired in the morning.

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