Thursday, April 16, 2009

Teeth Torture Thursday

I was trying to finish work this afternoon, hungry, having subsisted on a bar all morning after taking Kendall to the ortho this morning to fix a wire. I had to leave the house in 10 minutes to go grab a sub and then get the kids for a trip to the dentist.

The phone rang.

The school nurse was calling, which usually has me worried Delaney is throwing up. In this case Kendall's wire came off the brace and the nurse wasn't sure if it was broken. I was thinking that lunch was cancelled, but she said it wasn't an emergency.

So I grabbed lunch, ate in the car quickly, and then grabbed kids. We went to the dentist, who was unusually slow today. Good checkups for the kids, although Kendall needs to brush more. After that, we immediately went back to the ortho, and got Kendall seen. That was slow as well, with a busy office at the end of the day, but we did get in and Kendall got a new wire. Her teeth have moved a lot, which is probably why she's had trouble chewing.

All in all a long, teeth-torture day, and too many trips around town for me.

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