Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I took Kahli today to get more Adequan and a refill of Remadyl. They're drugs to help with her joint pains, and she's struggled a little this week. Shaking a lot and not really getting up to go outside without some prodding.

She was her usual, I don't want to go to the vet, when I got there. I wore my wrist brace, which was good since she pulled a little. Then when the tech came to get her leash, she actually made a break for it. Good thing I was there to grab her collar or the girl might have gone for a drag.

Afterwards she was standing there and this little 10 week old lab puppy was nearby, watching her, afraid to get close. I could feel a low growl in Kahli's side, not really audible, but getting close. Not sure why she didn't like that little 2lb dog.

Especially when she was 159lbs.

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