Sunday, April 26, 2009

Opening Day

We finally had opening day for the 2009 old man's baseball league. It was dicey, and I think we finished just in time as it started raining lightly as we were walking to the cars. However we got it in.

This was my first game with a new team. They're a good bunch of guys, but nowhere near as close as my previous team. We only have 14, and only had 8 show up today. A couple injuries, a couple guys out of town, I'm glad I came. We managed to get one guy from the previous game to stay so we could have 9, but I think we would have been fine. After the game we had a 5 minute meeting in the dugout and then everyone left. The weather didn't help, but the Shack would have at leas spent a few more minutes talking over the game and chatting. I think I talked with the Twins (our opponent) as much as anyone on our team.

I played right field, which was OK with me for today. We never switched pitchers, and nobody changed positions, so I can't complain. I got an early fly, then a couple short bloopers I couldn't get to, a grounder, and then a one hop line blooper that I threw to short and he cut a man down at 3rd.

At the plate things were better. I hit a good grounder to first (out), a high pop out to 3rd (out), another sharper grounder to first, and then with 2 or 3 on, I hit a home run to deep right. It was a fast ball, a little high, off the second pitcher, and I caught every bit of it. As soon as I hit it, I knew it was gone. That was a good way to start the year as I've been 0-3 a few times.

The game ended 14-2 in the 7th, but if they'd scored a couple more I'd have come up again, so things were working out well.

A good start to the season, and I'm looking forward to more.

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