Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday Travels

I've been from my house, to downtown Denver (about 40 miles), back to my house, then out to Kiowa (about 25 miles), back to the Elementary school (2 miles from the house), back out to the middle school (12 miles) and back again.


It's been a kid day and I am  woefully behind on work. It started with Kendall asking me if I was coming to the field trip since Tia was out of town. Apparently she'd signed up to go and then had to go to Seattle last night. So I got stuck doing it, and drove down to the Science Museum. It was a pain, I might have been able to skip it, but Kendall really was happy to see me, and I think I made it a good trip for her.

Then I got home, worked for an hour and headed out to Kiowa. Kyle had lost the registration for the Cavalier and he has court in the am for not having it. Since the car is registered to me, I had to go. I packed up the little kids and drove out there. It was a nice drive, but long, about 30 minutes. We get there and it's $2.20 for a new registration and it took me longer to write the check than it did to get the registration.

Grrrrr, not sure why this can't be online and they mail one out.

Then it was a quick stop at Sonic to get the kids something to eat before dropping Delaney off at the middle school. He has to take some type of music next year and he wants to do band. So he has a drum test tonight and didn't want to miss it. He got dropped off, and there's a friend there with his parents, so I'm not worried about him.

My next stop was the middle school, where Kendall had Girl Scouts. I stopped there, with my laptop, and did some work while she had her meeting.

After that, back out to Elizabeth to get Delaney and run by Boy Scouts. I'd skip that, but he has to get a book before his merit badge college on Saturday and he needs to read a few things.

I'd have skipped Girl Scouts, but we had snacks, and I didn't have anyone to leave them with. I couldn't skip the Kiowa trip, and I couldn't send Kyle. I could have skipped the field trip, but I felt that most of my work could have been done later. I had planned to hit Kiowa during the day, but I didn't have an insurance card, and so I had to wait for Kyle to come home. I'd pinged the insurance lady, but she didn't even reply to my email until nearly 2 and I wouldn't have left then for Kiowa with kids coming home.

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Anonymous said...

wow! I have to hand it to you ... you keep it together very well :)