Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Weather Station

I ordered a weather station recently, getting the La Crosse 2316U from eBay. At less than half the price of Amazon and other places, it seemed like a deal for me. I checked a few places and it got good reviews. Not as good as the Davis stations, but I wasn't willing to spend $500 on this, even though it's for business.

I got it the other day, and over the weekend plugged it in, powered up the sensors, and made sure the base station was receiving information. I didn't have time to set it up outside and mount the sensors, so I just put the thermometer sensor on the front porch.

Today I got moving on it. Since I was running errands, I stopped to pick up a metal pole for mounting the wind sensor up on the chimney. I've been thinking about it and I decided that was the best spot in the property. I didn't think the flagpole would support the 3 sensors on top and they all need to be within about 10ft of each other since they're wired together.

This has to survive outside, so when I got home, I grabbed some wood, laid out the sensors on it, screwed in a platform for the rain monitor, and then painted it. My plan is to mount it up high on the chimney either tomorrow or Thursday, depending on time.

Then I need to hook the base station up to my computer, and we'll begin monitoring the local weather, especially the wind. This should let us know how feasible a windmill is.

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