Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Skiing

We checked the weather, and with snow in the forecast for the mountains and an Easter Egg hunt at Winter Park, we decided to go up. We got everyone up early, and we were almost ready to go, but the little kids were asking about a hunt here, and "where was the Easter Bunny?"

So while I distracted them with some packing and trekking things to the truck, Kyle and Tia put some baskets together and hid some eggs. When the kids walked in, we were getting another load and walked into the kitchen. Kendall saw her big stuffed dog sitting on a chair and asked "What's that?" and then realized there was an Easter basket under him and screamed. She grabbed him and started running around the house to show everyone. That clued Delaney in and he got his basket with a shirt in there saying "The Perfect Day...Eat...Sleep....Play Video Games."

The little kids then ran around, grabbing eggs that were hidden in the house before we finally packed up and left. It was a pretty easy drive up, the boys fell alseep, we listened to music, and things were smooth until we got to the top of Berthoud Pass. From there we had to slow a bit as the road was snowy, but it wasn't bad.

I'm glad we got up there by 11 because we had to register the little kids quickly for the Easter Egg hunt. It was on a green slope on the mountain, so we headed up, did a couple runs and then lined up. You can see Delaney and Kendall here:


When the hunt started, with hundreds of kids, Kendall was ahead, and managed to ski down slowly, picking up eggs. I walked down with Delaney, and tried to help him, but it was hard, and the wave in front of us picked up so many eggs he hardly got any. He was disappointed, and a little upset. We comforted him a little, and a man whose daughter had gotten a lot gave us a few.

We skiied around a bit, trying to stick together, but Kendall kept getting ahead of us. It was a little icy, but still fun. There was a point where Kendall wanted to go through the Terrain park again, but Tia and the boys didn't. So we split up and got separated.

Kendall and I went through, finding the SuperPipe open. It had been closed earlier, so I couldn't show off my skills, but this time Kendall and I went through it. She's a little nervous, but she did some side to side. The pipe isn't huge, but it's got to be 10ft high at the deepest and I made it most of the way up the side. No air, but getting more comfortable.

At that point Kendall was done, so she and I went down to the bottom, had some Starbucks, talked a little, played some dog games (she'd had two stuffed dogs sticking out of her backpack all day), and then she did a little sledding at the bottom of the hill. A little with my snowboard, and a little by herself.

We stayed until close, and then Tia and the boys made it down. They posed for a picture.



as did the adults,

and then headed home. A rough drive over the pass at 25mph, but we made it safe, and things cleared up nicely on I-70. A great Easter day.

A few more pictures in our album.

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