Thursday, June 14, 2012

Workout in Town

After I ran tonight. I took the kids down to Parker for some exercise. I've been trying to get Delaney in better shape for Scout camp and his Physical Fitness merit badge. Tonight we hit the gym first and did chest. Kendall participated as well as we did chest press, flyes, and pushdowns.

Then we went swimming. Kendall loves to swim, and she's quite a fish, diving to the bottom easily. Delaney struggles a bit, and we worked on his strokes. He has to do a 100yd swim, 4 strokes, and a  150yd swim, 5 strokes. Tonight we did a 100yd swim, and he struggled a bit. We talked and practiced a bit and then did it again, and he was much better the second time. Hopefully things go well next week at camp.

Then we played, dove, and messed around for a bit before coming home. A fun afternoon with the kids. Need to try and do that once a week with them the rest of the summer.

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