Monday, June 18, 2012

Book #40 - Gideon's Corpse

I read Gideon's Sword and loved it, and have been looking to get Gideon's Corpse ever since. A camping trip and a trip to the library netted the book and I opened it up.

It starts where the last book ends, as Gideon is paid his fee, and then entranced with the idea he must help Eli Glinn again. He wants to refuse, but a former colleague has taken hostages and is threatening them, including two kids. Gideon goes to the scene, disobeys they FBI, not wanting to see his former co-worked killed as Gideon's father was. He still is, and as CSI moves in, they realize that the co-worker was radioactive and a panic ensues.

Everyone is sure that there's a nuclear bomb involved. Gideon starts to leave, wanting to spend his last year of life in New Mexico, but he decides to help, liaising with an FBI agent. They investigate, realizing that NEST, the FBI, and more are making things difficult.

They return to New Mexico to investigate at Los Almos where they talk to the former wife (part of a cult), the immam (the co-worker converted to Islam) and a writer. Gideon moves through the investigation and makes headway and then backsteps, eventually being accused by the FBI as being a part of the ploy himself. He escapes, in a rather fantastic way, but can't give up the investigation and continues on, trying to determine who's guily.

Eventually he discovers the issue and drives back to Washington DC, under the radar, to prevent an amazing terror event from being unleashed. It's an exciting read and ride, one I read in a day. Worth reading, though you might want to read the other one first. Lots of backstory there.

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