Saturday, June 2, 2012


I spent last night and today up at Camp Tahosa outside Boulder at ITOLS training for the scouts. I needed to get the training done to go with Delaney for summer camp and this was the last bit I needed, and the last day to go.

I wasn't sure what to expect, so I tried to anticipate a few things yesterday as I packed. A couple changes of clothes, for both warm and cool weather. A waterproof jacket, contacts, glasses, and a tent. The tent was a minor issue as Tia had taken it camping when she went this week, and it was in her trailer when she drove off to ride. A detour for me out of town to swing by the trailhead and get the tent.

I drove up through traffic, getting to Boulder around 5. I thought I'd have plenty of time to arrive by 6, but it turns out it was almost 45 minutes to get through the winding roads to Ward, CO and find the camp. I was glad my GPS on the phone downloaded everything since I lost cell service about halfway up.

I arrived to find it was Webelos Weekend, with almost 500 boys there from Cub Scouts. About 140 leaders were signed up to be trained while their boys were there, which was a shock. Only 4 parents were there without kids, and we set up away from the kids Fri night. I was also glad I brought food since there wasn't food. We had a brief orientation, but the majority of the training was delayed until Sat morning since there were so many of us.

It was a little chilly last night, but Delaney's sleeping bag and liner worked out well. I was fairly warm, with a hat on to keep my head cool. Sleeping on the ground wasn't fun, and I need to get a liner for our trip in two weeks.

This morning we got up and broke up into patrols to simulate what the kids go through. There were a lot of people there, but it was only about 90 of us. Glad the other 50 didn't show.

We went through 7 basic classes: fire safety, tools safety, first aid, plants and animals, cooking, maps, and ropes. We learned some of what the boys learn when they start scouting, but also some ideas about how to teach them, or get them to teach each other.

It was good training. I didn't learn a lot, but I did learn something, and I got some ideas for how to try some things for our troop, and some things to help Delaney out. At the end, we all did patrol skits, and yells. We were the flying flaming squirrels, which Delaney laughed at when I got home.

I had arrived relatively early Fri, and managed to park the Prius on the side of the road, without being blocked in. Most of the people were staying until Sun morning, and with rain clouds coming in, I was glad to leave and lucky no one was in my way.

Easy drive home, and now to sleep in my own bed tonight.

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