Monday, June 4, 2012

Exercise in the Margins

This article about exercising when you can is really interesting. It contains a number of hints about exercising and fitting it in, but fitting it into your life, as you live it.

I love the ideas about the fact that you will lose time, you will have setbacks. That’s one of the reasons I started the mile a day streak. A mile, even jogging slowly, takes no more than about 15 minutes. Maybe 20 if you’re older. I can always find 15 minutes in my day. I’ve done as low as 12.

I know that’s not easy for everyone, but I’d think most people could find 15 minutes to walk every day, whether it’s 5am or 11pm. Time is not a great excuse for a low bar.

However I do know not everyone likes traditional exercise. Walking stairs, walking out of your way on a flat surface, parking further from the door at the grocers, there are any number of small habits you can build.

Picking a sport is a great idea. It’s a commitment, but get a few friends, and try something. Even if you don’t play much, as I didn’t this year with adult volleyball, it’s a habit of movement that you are building.

And have a short memory for sure. If you miss a few days for some reason, forget about it. Pick up some small exercise tomorrow and don’t try to “make up” for what you missed.

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