Monday, June 11, 2012

Book #37 - Coding Isis

I went through the free books this weekend, looking for something to relax with after a stressful preparation for my trip. I found Coding Isis as a free book, with decent reviews, in the top 100 section and grabbed it for free.

It's a high-tech thriller. A women is killed while running, shot through the head. It turns out she's an assistant for a brilliant computer science professor that is working on an analogue to Google Goggles. A virtual reality assistant living in sunglasses and acting as an amazing virtual assistant.

He becomes a suspect in his assistant's murder, with evidence planted and it seems he'll be railroaded. However he gets out quickly when his wife finds a witness who can alibi him. From there it becomes a conspiracy thriller that tries to imitate Ludlum or Balducci, but fails. The detective who was so sure to convict the professor starts searching to find out why he was framed. The scientist, Chris, also happens to be a former British Special Forces soldier, who finds the killer and becomes involved in a NSA plot to kill terrorists using UAV drones and his technology.

It's got too many thrilling and unbelievable items. He can't hack their systems from the outside, but can implant new facial recognition routines in a day. The book moves too fast, with too many unbelievable events near the end. It's just too much, and it feels rushed.

I enjoyed it, but I'd say it was a 3 star read because of the plot, but without great writing. Enjoyable, but average.

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