Thursday, June 14, 2012

Book #38 - Lincoln

I got this book after a recommendation from a friend who reads a lot. It’s historical fiction, so it’s based on the real historical events, but it’s written as fiction. It’s a story with the characters speaking and having conversations, and even acting in ways that are the author’s imagination. Based on history, but not history, if that makes sense.

I hadn’t read anything like this, that really follows the historical events, but has made up dialog and interactions. I suppose in 100 years we’ll have actual dialog played back from all the cell phones, cameras, and other recordings, but for the period in question (1861-1865), we don’t have actual dialog.

Last year I read Team of Rivals, which was a great look at the Lincoln election and term(s) of office. Lincoln brought together a diverse cabinet, including people that had run against him in the Republican primary. Somehow he made it work, and it was fascinating reading. This book allowed me another look into that time period, with the characters coming alive as Lincoln, Seward, Chase, his secretaries, and more had actual voices. I know it’s fiction, but I could imagine this being the way things played out.

The book starts a little slow, but I really enjoyed it after 150 or so pages when the I remembered parts of the war (from history or the previous book) and there were all the struggles of the Civil War.

If you are interested in the Civil War or Lincoln, I think you’ll really enjoy this. If you want a good read, it’s a good book.

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