Saturday, June 23, 2012

A long week

The kids wanted to see Brave last night, so after struggling to get hay covered in the afternoon, I changed clothes and we headed out. I didn't love it and actually drifted off a few times in the movie, but the kids enjoyed it. After, I came home and struggled through a short run and then fell asleep by 10, not getting up until 9 today.

I think I've been worn out a little with camping this week and lots of activity. I got back from camping and almost immediately headed out with Tia to a trimming client. She can use help with the nippers, cutting off parts of hoof and so she holds them and I squeeze them. A nice time together, though this time her friend was there chatting most of the time. Fortunately I managed to remember to remotely record the basketball game, which I had been hoping to see.

After, we unloaded a late hay delivery, pushing the bales off the truck in the dark so the driver could go. I still had a late night run to do, and did it at 10:00 at night. From there to today, I think I was just coming off the effects of two nights of not great sleep in the mountains.

Today Tia is doing the Avon walk, at 22mi the last update said. She's got 4 more and then a night of camping out before a 13 mi walk tomorrow. With her gone, I'm a little unmotivated, just hanging out and moving slow today, reading a bit, but mostly taking it easy.

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