Thursday, June 28, 2012


Another merit badge down, or at least mostly down. Sign-offs in two weeks, but this am I got Delaney up at 6:30am and we headed down to Castlewood Canyon, where we met 5 other boys and a couple adults for a climbing session. Our Scoutmaster climbs a lot and he set up ropes at the top for rappelling down.

Photo Jun 28, 7 56 24 AM

He showed us the triple anchor system needed. Here we only have two, but we ended up adding a third from a tree. Boy Scouts wants 3, even though most climbers can use two.

Photo Jun 28, 8 12 26 AM

Delaney did good, rappelling down here on his first attempt. A little heavy breathing, but he came down without incident.

Photo Jun 28, 9 04 21 AM

Harnessed and helmet’d, he was ready for more climbing.

Photo Jun 28, 9 17 48 AM

His second rappel went fine, as did his third, and he was done.

Photo Jun 28, 9 05 17 AM

The boys had to do 3 rappels, 3 belays, and 3 climbs on different routes. Delaney thought the belay part was boring, but he did his three without an issue.

Photo Jun 28, 9 05 43 AM

I wasn’t sure he’d do much on the climbing, but he did well, working hard and spending time looking for hand holds, not giving up too quickly. He didn’t make it to the top of any of the climbs, but most of the boys didn’t. Only a few got there, and a few had help with strong Scoutmasters pulling on the ropes.

Photo Jun 28, 9 27 17 AM

A good day, and now Delaney should have another merit badge for his sash in August.

BSA_climbing badge

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