Sunday, June 3, 2012

A hit

Finally, a good hit today.  We played the Mudcats, a team where I know a lot of guys, am friends with a few, and have never beaten. We were ahead of them both games last year and they came back to win.

Today it looked like it might be the same thing. We went up 1-0 for a few innings, then down 2-1, but right back 3-2 in our half. I struck out looking the first time on one that was outside, and I was using the short bat. Not a bad call, debatable, but I couldn't reach it, so no argument. I walked the second time and made it to third on one out, but got stranded. The third time, I swung late on one that coasted up to deep short, and blooped off the shortstop's glove. I came around on a deep hit to left, and we went up 7-3 in that inning. My last at bat we were up 8 or 9 to 5 and I caught a beautiful pitch on the inside, mid thigh and hit it high and hard. I thought it might be out for a minute, but it bounced and hit the fence. A double for me, and I stopped there, but we were up 12-5 at that point.

That was the first decent hit I've had. I hit a couple hard single liners, but this was a good swing. Not enough step or it might be out, but it felt good to turn on one.

In the field, I ended up playing 6 innings when the other guy pulled his calf again. I missed a hard grounder to my right early, but then picked one up for a play at first and got a nice bouncer late in the game and made the play at first. All in all, a good day, and a fun game.

We played well, and at 3-3, are not doing bad. We certainly are swinging the bats better as a team, and it should be a fun season from here on out. We have good pitching, and aren't making too many mistakes int the field. A couple today, but a few good plays as well.

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