Sunday, June 10, 2012


Crazy rain in Pensacola yesterday. I had to get up at 6:30 to get over to the event, get set up, and give an Early Bird talk. It was raining pretty good, but fortunately I had an umbrella packed in my bag and someone had left napkins in the rental that I could use to clean the window trim after my drive through at Starbucks.

I gave my talk in the auditorium at Pensacola Community College, which is sloped to run below ground with the speaker at the bottom. There are some doors leading outside near the lecture area, to a sloped ramp that goes up. I had no issues, and didn't think about it until my lunchtime talk. It was scheduled in the same room, but as I walked back over there, the organizer said that I'd have to move upstairs since the room was flooded with 2" of water.

I wasn't overly surprised and went on to give two more talks, not really thinking about it, other than dodging rain as I walked through the breezeways between buildings. They're covered, but the wind was blowing rain around. This was the view from one.

I'd taken a friend's kids over to stay with Kendall for the day in the hotel. It was just a half mile away and Kendall was more interested in hanging out with them than hanging out at the event. When we went, it was pouring rain, we all got wet even with umbrellas, and when I returned to park, there were 2-3" of water below the car.

Glad I had the rubber Five Fingers on.

A few people left early, and one sent this picture back.

It was crazy. No chance of a beach, or much of anything.

Around 4 it stopped raining, and things drained away as we went for a quick drink after. By the time I drove back to the hotel to see Kendall, it was mostly just normal rain and water from a storm, with lots and lots of pine needles and dirt piled up in places, even across the main street by the mall.

A crazy day. I'm hoping rain holds off today so we can have a little beach time.

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