Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A litany of issues

It’s been a struggle working ever since I came back from vacation with our DSL line down. I finally got a notification it was fixed yesterday, but still had to call for a reset from the CenturyLink end last night around 5. It’s amazing how bad CS people can be, especially when talking technical issues. This guy was sure I had no clue, and was very reluctant to give information. Fortunately I managed to not get too upset and just let him come around to reset things.
After that Delaney and I headed to a scout meeting, with a large black cloud rising to the South. We thought it might be rain, and there was a little sprinkling, but it was smoke from the Waldo Canyon fire. It’s an incredible fire that has caused 32,000 evacuations as of today. It closed the Air Force Academy and it’s burned houses. A picture from the local station:

It smelled like a campfire as we had the Scout meeting in Elizabeth.
At the meeting Delaney knocked off Cooking, and there were a few opportunities for other events, but I had to decline. I felt bad, but life is a little crazy here and I don’t want to commit to anything else right now.
Today we had maid day, which started great since I was at my desk with no pants on. Tia brought me pants, and I had a semi-frustrating call where I struggled to hear and couldn’t see. Probably a few things I should have chimed in on, but feeling a little cranky, so I kept quiet. Then a race to try and clean up a bit, always a chore. I did manage to get sheets going in the dryer.
Our AC hasn’t been working, with 90-100F temps. Tia called today and got an appointment, but they said to check the filter. So I changed it, and in the middle of that, Uma peed on the basement floor. Grrrrrr.
A few more things, all minor, but rather annoying.
Fortunately we’re all healthy, safe, and comfortable. Life is good here, even when it’s not.

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