Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rocky Mountain Jack Russell Terrier Network

Our fundraiser this morning, meaning a second day that Delaney and I had to get up early. 6:00am today, driving north and getting to Adam’s County Fairground just after 7 to set up with 3 other families and a total of 8 boys.

We set up for breakfast, coffee, and not much happened. Very few people came over, and it was a slow day. Apparently there was another dog event today as well, and some people went there.

Photo Jun 30, 8 43 20 AM

The boys were serving the few that came by, but also they worked the races. The dogs run down a track in the grass and when they come through the last chute we thought boys would grab them. They told us at first that they couldn’t for insurance reasons, but later the boys caught a few.

Photo Jun 30, 9 03 22 AM

It was funny watching them, and also annoying. These are yippy, yappy dogs, and loud. Delaney helped do some timing at another event, and he said the barking was really high pitched and loud.

All in all, a bust of a fundraiser, though things were better at lunch. Hopefully tomorrow is better as all the money gets pooled and the boys get a share for their Scout accounts.

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