Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Book #46 - Locked On

51exnqZ1xDL._AA115_I missed something in the Clancy series as Locked On starts much later on than I expected. The last Clancy novel I read had a plane crashing into Congress and Jack Ryan becoming President. In this one he’s running for a second term, having skipped at least one when Kealty came into power. He’s struggling a little, but the book isn’t really about him.

Instead most of the book is John Clark, Domingo Chavez, and Jack Ryan, Jr. Little Jack works for a clandestine organization, The Campus, and he’s slowly moving into the field. John and Ding are out there, along with 2 other operatives that are trying to combat terrorism and keep the world safe.

In this one it’s primarily Pakistan, and a rouge military officer planning a coup brought about by stealing nuclear bombs. At the same time, Clark is outed and on the run as a murderer in a last ditch attempt by Kealty to win the election.

It’s long, 700 pages, and a ride, but one I really enjoyed.

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